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Dan Cates Accidentally Flew To Airport In San Jose, CA Rather Than Airport In San José Del Cabo, Mexico

Poker Pro Apparently Confused Two Locations



Online high-stakes poker pro Dan “jungleman” Cates apparently was trying to make it to San José del Cabo in Mexico, but ended up in San Jose, California by mistake.

Cates was attempting to go into Mexico to play some online poker, but messed up big time with his travel plans. Fellow high-stakes pro Justin Smith posted a photo of a text conversation with Cates to Instagram as proof of the hilarious misclick.

Cates is one of the biggest winners in online poker history, so blowing the price of a ticket in such a way probably isn’t too big of a deal. It makes for a fun story.

The Maryland native eventually arrived in Mexico and has been seen at the tables, according to HighstakesDB. Cates spent time in Las Vegas this summer for the WSOP.



over 7 years ago

Reminds me of a guy in the 90's who stayed on a plane in LAX when the continuing flight to Oakland, his destination, was announced. Unfortunately, the destination was AUKLAND, NZ, not Oakland, Ca. He had no passport, and no clothing for the weather (opposite hemisphere, you may recall, if you are smart enough to spit on your government, so-called, 'education').

Aukland gave him a parade, several TV appearances, and other accolades, and put him on a plane 4-5 days later.