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Cop Stole Nearly $30,000 To Fund Gambling Habit

Feds Say Tishay Johnson Stole Money From City Over Five Years


A former cop in Hartford, Connecticut who ran the town’s concealed weapons permit program, admitted to stealing nearly $30,000 in weapons fees to fund his gambling addiction.

According to CBS, Tishay Johnson altered hundreds of checks and money orders to make it look like they had been made out to him. He was accused of stealing a check or two per week for five years before his crimes were finally noticed.

In addition, he lied that some applicants had completed a background check.

Federal prosecutors have asked for between six months and a year in prison.

Defense attorneys argued that he suffered from PTSD after getting shot on duty in 2003 and thus should not serve any time.

A psychologist for the defense said that Johnson thought he could outsmart casinos.

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