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Man Who Allegedly Robbed Bellagio Appeared In Court Wrapped In A Blanket And Wearing A Spit Mask

Scott Alan Carmitchel Accused Of Stealing $43,500 From Bellagio Last Week


The man who allegedly robbed the Bellagio of $43,500 in cash on Friday with a BB gun appeared in court this week wearing a beige blanket and a spit mask.

He refused to open his eyes or acknowledge his whereabouts during the court appearance.

The suspect, Scott Alan Carmitchel of Kansas, reportedly has been “uncooperative” with police and had to be brought to his court appearance “by any force necessary,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. That’s what the judge ordered.

He also had to be restrained to take a mugshot and wouldn’t give his name, police alleged.

Carmitchel, which is believed to be his real name, allegedly spent some of the money on sex workers that he invited to his hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip. The Associated Press reported that police said the money he paid them was still bound in Bellagio wrappers.

The women reportedly told police that he was acting erratic, paranoid and delusional.

When police spoke to Carmitchel, he allegedly started laughing.

According to Gawker, when questioned by police, the women he had in his room described him as “an average to unfortunate looking white male.” Ouch.

He was arrested Saturday night after a tourist from Texas gave him up to the police after Carmitchel allegedly offered the tourist $300 to rent him a hotel room.

Carmitchel spent time in prison in Kansas for a 1998 robbery and most recently for “making a criminal threat” about a year ago. He allegedly skipped out on his parole.

The suspect has denied committing the robbery, but allegedly said that he was in the casino and just didn’t remember what had happened when in there.

Carmitchel has also been accused of robbing a Las Vegas bank of $4,355 on July 22.

The Las Vegas judge presiding over his case said “he might have mental problems.”

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