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Report: Phil Ivey Posts $1 Million Bail For Fellow High-Stakes Poker Player Paul Phua, Son Darren Phua

Ivey, Andrew Robl, Tom Dwan Rally Behind Accused Poker Player


According to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, poker pro Phil Ivey put up $1 million in bail for Paul Phua and his son Darren Phua after the two were accused of organizing an illegal betting operation on a Las Vegas casino property.

The elder Phua, who is a frequent player in high-stakes poker games in Las Vegas and Macau, was arrested along with a handful of others for allegedly taking bets on the World Cup. Authorities said that they seized electronic equipment used in the operation.

Ivey’s $1 million, along with Andrew Robl’s $1.5 million, were unsuccessful in immediately freeing the men in custody. According to the report, they were still behind bars on Sunday because federal immigration authorities detained them for possible deportation.

Ivey has not been accused of any wrongdoing in the case.

From the Review-Journal:

Ivey […] put up $1 million—$500,000 toward Paul Phua’s $2 million bail and the entire $500,000 bond for his son, according to court papers filed last week by [attorneys] Chesnoff and Schonfeld. Andrew Robl […] posted the other $1.5 million of the elder Phua’s bail, the court papers show. In an earlier sworn affidavit, Robl […] said he has been a friend of Paul Phua for four years and planned to cash $1.5 million in poker chips he won at the Aria resort to help cover his bail. Ivey and Robl aren’t the only poker stalwarts to rally behind the Phuas in the criminal case. Another big-name poker player, Tom Dwan, was with Paul Phua and his son when FBI agents arrested them earlier this month and signed a sworn affidavit questioning the tactics of the agents. Dwan also was present in federal court when the Phuas made initial appearances on illegal gambling charges with six other defendants. He had private discussions with defense lawyers throughout the court appearances. […] Without citing names, [Assistant U.S. Attorney Kimberly Frayn] said a number of Paul Phua’s poker associates may have been involved in illegal activity uncovered by the FBI investigation, which is continuing. There has been talk that more arrests are coming.

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over 6 years ago

It must be nice to have the kind of friends who are putting up hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in bail for you and your son. Ivey and Robel sound like good dudes and while I always thought Dwan was a bit of a douche, he doesn't seem that bad. Was Dwan too broke to put up any money?


over 6 years ago

definately very cool of ivey and robl, my friends took 2 days to come up with my 100.00 bail for dui haha!im sure they both just got a permanent invite to those ridiculously high stakes games in macau..coming up with this bail money will pay off in spades! (pun was intended)on a serious note..its a reminder to all guys out there, whenever your buddy is locked up you get them out asap. it becomes your days you got the money yourself or raise it (pun not intended)


over 6 years ago

You really think the bail was posted without a an angle here?
Pleeaase.....these suspects apparently took in $5 Billion on World Cup action alone. You got to think these guys would be connected up the ying yang, meaning they would know which games were fixed, for sure.
One game, would get the bail money for back, two, your in the money. Easy.
Nothing is done for nothing,
Great investment for these guys. Congrats!!