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During L.A. Traffic Jam, Drivers Get Out Of Their Cars And Play Poker

Someone Had Table, Cards And Apparently Even Some Poker Chips


To pass the time on Friday while a man apparently contemplated jumping off a California freeway overpass, some motorists busted out a folding table and set it up on the freeway. They played a little bit of poker, as someone had cards and apparently even some chips.

While they could have probably just played some free-play poker on their phones or tablets (real-money online poker isn’t yet legal in California and that itself is moving like a traffic jam), the drivers instead opted for some old fashioned card playing, and picked one of the most unlikely spots for a home game—a freeway in Los Angeles.

It’s unclear what the buy-in was, but the event definitely did not qualify for Player of the Year points.

“These people set up a poker table and suggested that people play Texas hold’em with them,” Sarah Jung, who posted a photo on Instagram, told the L.A. Times.

The traffic jam lasted well over three hours. The man on the overpass was taken to a hospital after authorities apparently talked him out of jumping into stopped traffic.

Some people on the Internet were originally confused, thinking that the poker table was a taco stand, but Jung reiterated to the L.A. Times that it was for poker, not for food.

“Everyone seems to think it was a taco stand,” Jung said. “I would love to clear up the fact that it was a Texas hold’em table and not a taco stand.”

Playing poker on the road during a traffic jam is pretty creative, but it’s safe, unlike the cop in the Chicago area who was caught on video playing poker while driving.

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6 years ago

i wonder if they had side bets on weather or not the guy would jump or not