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Pamela Anderson Divorces Rick Salomon Just Days After He Won $2.8 Million In 'Big One For One Drop'

Celebrity Marriage Ends For Second Time In Seven Years


Assuming it wasn’t coincidental, Pamela Anderson was kind enough to wait until after the $1 million buy-in One Drop tournament at the WSOP to file for divorce from Rick Salomon, who finished fourth in the high-stakes event for a score of $2.8 million.

Salomon was one of the big stacks late in the tournament that finished up on July 1. Anderson, according to People Magazine, filed for divorce on July 3.

The split is actually the second time the couple has divorced. In 2007, after just two months living happily ever after, Anderson and Salomon said enough was enough. Their most recent marriage was a lot longer—lasting a whopping six months.

Anderson and Salomon actually got hitched the first time thanks to spending a lot of time together in a poker game. Anderson reportedly lost $250,000 to Salomon in the game.

Salomon is the son of a former executive vice president at Warner Bros. and has himself been the producer of TV shows and movies. However, he arguably gained the most notoriety after appearing in the infamous sex tape with then-girlfriend Paris Hilton back in 2003.

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Such a wonderful saying, it never gets old. Specially in such a coincidental set of circumstances such as this.


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