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'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Comes To The World Series Of Poker, Gets Needled At Table

Acclaimed Actor Grinds $235 Daily Deep Stack At The Rio


A handful of celebrities came to the Rio on main event day 1c, and one of the most surprising to show his face was “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on the hit show. Who knew he played poker?

Paul was apparently sweating his friend in the $10,000 main event, while also getting in on some lower stakes poker himself in the $235 buy-in daily deep stack event at the Rio.

Paul, wearing a fedora and sunglasses most of the time, was often posing for awkward selfies with fans. However, when approached for an interview by Card Player to learn about his poker game, Paul declined, saying that he wasn’t doing any interviews.

From observation, Paul is pretty inexperienced at the table. At one point, he tried opening the preflop action to 150 when the blinds were 100-200. He rarely took down any pots.

For the most part when he was at the table, Paul seemed to be able to focus on playing poker. However, eventually someone at the table recognized that he’s a celebrity and some chatter ensued. It turned out, around half the table apparently had never seen Breaking Bad, with an older lady at the table even saying in Paul’s direction, “I haven’t even seen the trailer.”

How’s that for a needle?

When a break in play started, Paul was approached multiple times by more fans. One woman said to him, “I don’t know your real name, but can I have a photo?”

“It’s Aaron,” he replied before what appeared to be a forced smile for the snapshot.

It’s safe to say Paul’s day of poker was a little bit hectic.

Image of Paul playing poker via Twitter.



almost 8 years ago

love you mr paul but this breaking bad stuff is getting out of hand. the show ended like over a year ago, and honestly, it wasnt that good until the later seasons. really good but also super overrated


almost 8 years ago

ty for proofreading