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Men Invade Women's Bathroom At WSOP Main Event, Top Female Players Help Put A Stop To It

WSOP Responds By Putting Security Guards Outside Restroom


Apparently some of the male entrants in the world’s most prestigious poker tournament can’t figure out what a stick figure wearing a skirt means.

The second starting day of the 2014 World Series of Poker main event has drawn a field of more than 2,100 players, and the long lines for the men’s bathroom have caused some men to think it’s OK to use the women’s bathroom in the main hallway—even while women are using it.

The vast majority of competitors on main event day 1b were men.

Poker pro Vanessa Selbst, who was at the center of a bathroom controversy at the 2012 WSOP after the Rio decided to convert the women’s bathroom in the main hallway to a second men’s room, Tweeted on Sunday that there was a “constant flow of men” into the women’s bathroom.

Fortunately for all the women in this year’s main event, Selbst has a Twitter following of more than 61,000 and the WSOP quickly stepped in to stop the mayhem.



7 years ago

How many times have you been at a concert and the women are using the men's restrooms?
And after how many years is the Rio going to figure out restroom needs?


7 years ago

Guys are mf pigs bet seats were up and piss all over the floor-Men and Women have separate bathroom for a reason.


7 years ago

Why is Venessa Selbst crying about this? She can use the mens restroom anytime she wants.