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Pennsylvania Online Poker Bill Introduced Tuesday

Bill Would Allow State To Enter Into Compacts


The state of Pennsylvania is taking a crack at legalizing online poker.

A bill was introduced into the legislature on Tuesday. Its sponsors are lawmakers Sen. Edwin Erickson and Sen. Bob Mensch.

“Developments in technology and recent legal decisions have created an opportunity to legalize interactive poker as a means to further enhance and complement the benefits delivered by casino gaming, licensed facilities and the communities in which they operate,” the bill states.

Pennsylvania is home to one of the top casino markets in the country.

If enacted, the bill would allow Pennsylvania to form online poker compacts with other states.

“Authorized interactive gaming, once fully developed, will allow persons in this Commonwealth to participate in interactive poker, not only with other persons in this Commonwealth, but with persons in other cooperating United States jurisdictions where interactive poker has been authorized,” the bill reads.

The bill comes after a study of gambling in the state concluded that online poker could lead to revenues of around $129 million annually. That report was released in May.

The Pennsylvania plan could be unfavorable to PokerStars, the largest online poker site in the world. Though, the firm recently found new ownership, a move that might improve chances of re-entry into the U.S. PokerStars is eyeing online poker in California.