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Chino Rheem Talks About Skipping $15,000 Freeroll In World Poker Tour Championship

Poker Pro Decided To Pass On Free Buy-In Back In April


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Chino Rheem is a controversial figure in the poker world and so naturally he raised some eyebrows—accompanied by the inevitable speculation—back in April when he decided to pass on his free buy-in to the $15,000 World Poker Tour Championship.

Rheem won the event in 2013, which guaranteed him a free seat in the 2014 running.

Card Player had the chance to speak to the poker pro on day 1 of the $3,000 buy-in six-max at the 2014 World Series of Poker to see how he is doing and to find out why he skipped the WPT event.

Brian Pempus: How are you feeling so far in this tournament?

Chino Rheem: I’m feeling good, playing good. You know, it’s early, but I’m just hoping to make day 2. Day 1s are always the little hump day.

BP: For you personally, is it tougher to be knocked out on a day 1 or when you are deeper into the tournament?

CR: I guess the deeper you get the more frustrated you’ll be when you get knocked out, but also if you are playing a lot of events like I am, and you don’t make day 2s, that can really be frustrating. I don’t know, it just depends on what mindset you are in.

BP: How many tournamnts are you planning on playing this year?

CR: Hopefully I don’t play them all, because that would mean I am not making day 2s. That’s the best answer I can give you. I haven’t done any multi-tabling yet, and I am hoping I don’t do that either. I will if I have to, though.

BP: I want to know about that issue with the WPT Championship. A lot of people were saying you just forgot that you had a freeroll.

CR: I certainly didn’t forget about it. I had my own things going on in my life that I decided to skip that tournament for. That’s basically it. Obviously, if I am going to skip a freeroll in the WPT Championship people need to know that I am working on myself and trying to make my life better. If anyone can’t understand it, they can go f—k themselves…If people must know, I skipped it to do the Choice Center.

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over 7 years ago

Skipping a 15k freeroll? Cocaine is a helluva drug.


over 7 years ago

Chino, dude, c' forgot about the tournament, period. You were high and forgot. If you are really serious about recovery, then a huge step would be to admit you have been floating on coke and forgot about your freeroll and need help. But dont BS us with some sorry excuse crap about being in a recovery center and skipping a WPT 15K freeroll!!!!!!!!!


over 7 years ago

karma is not finished with Chino yet, not by a life, your past deeds will catch up one way or another.....there are debts yet to be paid in life Chino and you know what they are the end you will say to yourself that "i did it to myself". Karma does not forget.


over 7 years ago

Lol, do they teach you to tell people to go f__k themselves at the Choice Center? Hahahahahahaha, that's one helluva personal development center lol!!!!!!!!