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CPPT VI - Choctaw Casino Resort

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em $1 Million GTD


Wayne Keller Takes One Out With Aces

A short-stacked player made his final stand with his last 18,100 with AQ against the pocket aces of Wayne Keller. Keller kept quiet as the board fell KJ765, but after seeing a safe river card, ...

New Poker Chips For Borgata After Tourney Fiasco

State Approved The New Chips Last Month


In January, a massive poker tournament at Borgata in Atlantic City was suspended, and later canceled, after it was discovered that fake chips were in play. This week, the casino said that it is using new, high-tech tournament poker chips, the Associated Press reported.

The new chips reportedly have more colors and can be authenticated under ultraviolet light.

“This was very expensive, but very necessary,” Joe Lupo, the casino’s senior vice president, told the AP. “In order to have the biggest tournaments in Atlantic City and as the market leader, we need to ensure the integrity of the games.”

Late last month, the state of New Jersey approved the new chips. The state said that the new chips, ranging from 1,000 to 500,000 in denomination, were “acceptable for use.” Borgata is doing business with Game On Chip Company.

Christian Lusardi, the man accused of the cheating, reportedly is in jail awaiting trial.

The prize pool was frozen with just 27 left. Some of the entrants have filed a lawsuit against Borgata, alleging that it didn’t do a good enough job to prevent the incident.



4 years ago

I guess the guy who got 28th place is the real winner, already paid out and moved on.


4 years ago

I predict an equal 27-way chop of the remaining prize pool for the remaining 27 players. Since the chips themselves have been tainted, any kind of "chip chop", whether usual method or ICM method, just doesn't seem right. Chop it up 27 ways and be done with it already.