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Card Player Poker Tour Atlantis Day 1B -- Ron Pease Leads Heading Into Final Day

CPPT Foxwoods Champ Tops The Remaining 39 Players


Day 1B of the $1,100 no-limit hold’em Card Player Poker Tour Atlantis main event saw almost double the amount of players of Day 1A come out to take their crack at a guaranteed $125,000 prizepool.

117 players made their way to the Atlantis Resort and Casino on Saturday afternoon the second of the two starting days and after 10, one hour levels of play, only 27 remained. That leaves 39 players still alive heading into the final day

Ron Pease emerged as the chip leader at the day’s end with 155,300 in chips. That puts him as the overall chip leader in the tournament, just ahead of Damon Shulenberger who finished Day 1A with 142,100 in chips.

Pease, who failed to make it through Day 1A, fired another bullet at the event on Day 1B and had a much better showing. He is looking to become the first player in CPPT history to win back-to-back Main Events. Pease took down the CPPT Foxwoods main event in February, defeating Chris Tryba heads-up to take home $91,347.

“I just try to end every day as the chip leader,” said Pease with a laugh. Pease also went into the final day in Foxwoods as the chip leader.

Erkut YilmazSome other players who are near the top of the Day 1B chip counts are Erkut Yilmaz, Vincent Remmell, and Neil Blumenfield. They bagged 127,600, 127,400, and 125,500, respectively.

Not everybody was able to survive the day though. Joe Fernandez, Shawn Daniels, Candace Collins, and Ken Jorgensen were a few of the notable players here that were unable to make it through the day.

The 117 players that registered for the event on 1B brought the total field size for both starting days to 182 players, which generated a prizepool of $176,540. That surpassed the guarantee by more than $50,000.

The top 18 finishers will make the money, with a min-cash being worth $2,367 and $47,665 set to go to the eventual champion.

The remaining 39 players who are still vying for the first place prize money and the CPPT title will return to the Atlantis on Sunday at 1 pm and will play down to a winner.

Here are a look at the overall chip counts heading into the final day:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Ron Pease 155,300
2 Damon Shulenberger 142,100
3 Erkut Yilmaz 127,600
4 Vincent Remmell 127,400
5 Neal Blumenfield 125,500
6 Dustin Fox 116,800
7 Joe Wirtz 115,400
8 Brandon Honig 108,300
9 Jon Patrick Rhamey 95,500
10 David Gallagher 94,200
11 Bobby Pham 93,900
12 Mike Harvey 93,200
13 Ron Gil 76,600
14 Greg Pincombs 74,600
15 David Lucchesi 70,700
16 Mitchell Cogert 70,600
17 Daniel Chamberlain 70,200
18 Dallas Elwell 69,900
19 Kuei Olson 67,900
20 Ravi Shanmugam 66,300
21 Aaron Easley 63,800
22 Daniel Schneider 60,800
23 Jed Hoffman 60,000
24 Alan Mastic 57,500
25 Gary Grover 56,300
26 Randy Gil 54,600
27 Tanya Kirk 51,300
28 George Kleinman 45,000
29 Vic Campana 43,700
30 Shawn Von Ashford 42,500
31 Bob Mather 41,600
32 Gerald Rahmn 37,200
33 Irvin Arquiza 31,200
34 Bill Watchman 29,600
35 Michael Blackwell 25,100
36 Trish Potter 24,800
37 William Chau 24,500
38 Rafael Ibaibarriaga 14,500
39 Ed Lamb 12,600