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High-Stakes Poker: Tom Dwan Says 'In Macau, The Standard Way To Get Even Is Baccarat'

Poker Pro Makes Quip After Phil Galfond Tweet


High-stakes poker pro Phil Galfond sent out a Tweet yesterday, making light of his seven-figure downswing on Full Tilt. In the span of about a week, Galfond dropped around $1.4 million.

One of his peers in the high-stakes community, Tom Dwan, replied back with a little quip about how after a poor high-stakes poker session in Macau, the “standard way to get even is bacarrat (sic).” That table game is the big moneymaker for casinos in Macau.

While Galfond has been grinding away online, Dwan hasn’t played a session on Full Tilt since mid-December, according to HighstakesDB.

The Macau cash games are supposedly the largest of their kind in the world at the moment, as the biggest action has moved away from Las Vegas in recent years. It should return to Sin City this summer, at least briefly, when the WSOP hosts a $1 million buy-in poker tournament. Many Macau high rollers came out for the 2012 tournament, and crazy side game action ensued.

In September of last year, Dwan Tweeted that he had experienced his biggest poker loss ever, thanks to a terrible session at the live felt in Macau. It was around $4 million, according to a person familiar with the game.

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