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Latin Series of Poker: A Chat With Bill Cole

Bill Cole Played Day 1 in Aruba


Bill ColeRedondo Beach, California resident Bill Cole went all the way to Aruba before coming to play the final days of the Latin Series of Poker Millions in Panama City, Panama this week. Card Player caught up with him for a few minutes at the end of day 3 to see how things were going for him.

Did you win a satellite or did you make it through one of the earlier day 1s?

I actually qualified in one of the early tournaments in Aruba. I went for a golf vacation and to play the tournament.

We are at the end of the day 3 and you are going to make day 4, how has the tournament been for you so far?

It’s been very up and down. I stared with a lot of chips on day 2, I had 199,700 and basically I bagged 198,000 today so I’ve pretty well got what I started with. Yesterday I had a lot of chips at two different times – early I had 340,000 but lost some and went down to 320,000 at one time. I had many opportunities yesterday to have a big stack but today was a survival day. I didn’t have many opportunities at all but I played well to survive today. But yesterday I had some great opportunities that didn’t materialize right.

Have you played with a lot of these players before?

No, that is what different about this tournament. I’ve been playing for a long time and that is what so different. As a matter of fact, the friend that came with me is the only person here other than four other people from Aruba that I have played with, but I haven’t been at their tables. I haven’t actually played with them and I haven’t actually played with my friend. I have not played with one person that I know, even vaguely. Not even by knowing their name or recognizing them.

You obviously have had to adapt. How as that been?

Well it’s been a two way street. As a poker player it’s a disadvantage because you don’t know them but it’s also a disadvantage to them because they don’t know you, so it kind of washes out. It’s much easier to set an image if you are trying to set an image playing against people you don’t know. And of course, you have to watch the play to try and get a range and an image of people’s play early when you are playing with people you don’t know. Just like in any other tournament, but here it’s just been everyone.

How are you feeling about day 4?

Well, I feel obviously good about moving to day 4 but I wish I could have at least doubled up today and gone in with about four or five hundred thousand in chips. I’ve got about 25 big blinds so if I do not catch a good hand early then I’m going to have to be looking for a place to get all in and try to double up.

As far as this whole experience goes, are you pleased it’s been something that you have been a part of?

Oh yes. I think that they’ve done an exceptional job. They did an exceptional job on the satellites in Aruba and they’ve done an exceptional job here. I’m very impressed with this organization. This is the first time I’ve ever played one of their tournaments and I’m extremely impressed.

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