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Alberto Cartin Finishes Latin Series of Poker Day 2 in the Lead

Jose Barbero, Phil Nagy, Carter Gill and Felipe Montenegro Are Still Alive


Alberto CartinUpwards of $175,000 will soon belong to a single player in the Latin Series of Poker Millions. Day 2 began at 2 pm EST March 11 with 130 hopefuls, but when chips were bagged for the night only 72 remained.

The chiplead once again belonged to Costa Rican Alberto Cartin, who bagged up a whopping 816,500. Cartin, who began Day 2 with a little over 375,000, said the bulk of his chips came from two key hands.

“I had a hand with Bolivar Palacios which was about 300 or so and at the other table I basically called an all-in with a rivered set versus a possible flush, possible straight draw and it came out to be a bluff. So that was really good,” Cartin said.

Costa Rica’s Felipe Montenegro and Panama’s Palacios, two of Latin America’s most successful players, were among the players who survived Day 2.

Montenegro has more than $5.5 million in online and live cashes going back to 2006 with 145 online wins and one live final table. Montenegro won the 2008 Full Tilt Sunday $750,000 guarantee for $135,271 – his largest online cash – and finished 11th in the 2011 World Series of Poker $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em Triple Chance for $48,843 – his largest live cash. The Costa Rican pro has tallied more than 2,840 cashes on PokerStars alone throughout his career. He also has 115 online runner-up finishes.

Jose "Nacho" BarberoPalacios has recorded just under $2.3 million in online and live winnings since 2007 including 39 online wins, six WSOP cashes and three cashes each from the World Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour. Palacios’s largest score to date came from a sixth place finish in the 2011 PokerStars Carribean Adventure Main Event for $450,000. Palacios also finished runner-up in the 2010 Latin America Poker Tour Argentina Main Event for $188,200.

Other notables to make Day 3 include Jose “Nacho” Barbero, Francis Cruz, Euclides Corro, Carter Gill, Roman Valerstein, Phil Nagy and Jaime Antelhoff.

Cards will be in the air on Day 3 at 2 pm EST March 12.

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Day 3 Chip Counts

Alberto Cartin Costa Rica 816500
Zennawi Petros Canada 640500
Carter Gill USA 604500
Ricardo Chauriye Chile 543500
Rafael Pardo Colombia 485000
Chachita Varela Venezuela 478000
Ryan Smith Canada 466000
Andres Parias Colombia 411000
Ignacio Barbero Argentina 365000
Adeb Shoman Panama 354500
victor Lay Castro peru 332500
Jeiko Palma Panama 323000
Maziar Keshavarzi USA 320000
Alon Raz Israel 312000
Johnny Sandoval CR 310000
Allan Zumaeta Peru 295500
Guillermo Echevarria Peru 289000
Manne Ravi USA 287500
Vito Recchimurzo Venezuela 285500
Leonardo Tarazona Colombia 265000
Ryan Morrell Canada 264500
Phillip Nagy Costa Rica 256500
Ben Warrington Ireland 244000
Oscar Ortiz Puerto Rico 235000
Alberto Fonseca Costa Rica 228500
Malandre Nicolas Chile 226000
Roger Nordgren USA 223000
Francis Cruz Dominican Republic 219500
Cole William USA 211000
Rogelio Pardo Costa Rica 194500
Jose Espinoza Peru 192500
Filippo Storino Italy 187500
Fernando Murrieta Ecuador 179500
Carlos Lam Panama 179500
Jonathan Brown USA 177000
Roberto Ingino Venezuela 176500
Chris Wolters Canada 173000
Cristian Velazquez Mexico 168500
John Idarraga Colombia 168500
Jose Alberto Maymo Puerto Rico 165000
Manrique Quesada CR 164500
Luis Perez Venezuela 158500
John Restrepo Colombia 158000
Jaime Ateneloff Uruguay 144000
Hector Quinonez Dominican Republic 137500
Gabriel Diaz Peru 131500
Giulio Oliviero Colombia 130000
Roberto Zamora Costa Rica 123000
Roman Valerstein USA 121000
Andrey Ardila Colombia 121000
toma Haralampiev Bulgaria 120500
Javier Grant CR 117000
Jorge Viena Peru 115500
Euclides Corro Panama 106000
Bolivar Palacios Panama 100500
Miguel Solano Costa Rica 90500
Juan Alberto Sanchez Dominican Republic 90500
Fernando Reines Chile 90500
Luis Renoud Mexico 84500
Amos Ben Chile 84500
Miguel Velasco Colombia 83500
John Abello Colombia 77500
Jaime Ligator Costa Rica 75000
Pablo Eggarter Argentina 70500
Mayu Roca Colombia 68500
Anthony Petreccia united states 64000
Felipe Montenegro Costa Rica 63500
David El Chaak Venezuela 59000
Donys Agnelli Venezuela 56000
Adam Reynolds Great Britain 53500
Jorge Olivos Chile 48000
Carlos Duran Dominican Republic 10500