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Alberto Artiaga Leads Latin Series of Poker Millions After Day 1C

Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero Will Begin Day 2 Second in Chips


Alberto AtriagaMany players tried, but only 131 remain and one of them will soon be the recipient of a six-figure pay day from the Latin Series of Poker Millions.

Cheers once again erupted across the Majestic Poker room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City, Panama when the elimination of Sebastian Ruiz ended play for the night and guaranteed the remaining players a seat on Day 2.

A total of 328 players put up the $850 buy-in on Day 1C for one last chance at the money, but play concluded for the night when only 32 remained. Those players will join the 27 players from Day 1A, 22 players from Day 1B and 48 players from previous Day 1s held throughout Latin American in previous weeks on Day 2.

Before Day 1C concluded PokerStars team pro Jose “Nacho” Barbero held the chiplead at 336,000, but it was Alberto Artiaga who overtook the lead and bagged up a stack of 371,500.

The blinds will be rolled back to 500-1000 when play begins in order to make sure all players come back to appropriate blind level from where they left off. The initial tournaments held at other venues had smaller fields, and as such reached the 10 percent mark during earlier levels. With that blinds that low, Artiaga will begin with about 371 big blinds while Barbero will begin with nearly 340.

“Obviously I’ve got a lot of chips,” Barbero said. “But I’ll start Day 2 with like 340 big blinds. I mean that has never happened in my life.”

“Day 1A is a little more turbo than I’d like it to be, I’d love to do a slower structure and everything, but it just doesn’t work with all the smaller tournaments and this tournament has to be exactly the same structure as all the other ones,” said Phil Nagy, CEO of Winning Poker Network which includes Ya Poker, America’s Card Room, Black Chip Poker and BetCRIS, all sponsors of the LSOP.

“So we tried to make up for it on Day 2 by moving the blinds back to 500-1000 and a lot of these people are going to be playing with 200 and 300 big blinds. When we did the test runs in Costa Rica, seriously nobody busted out for about four or five hours. It’s a lot of play. But it’s good because you are already in the money and you want it to be a good structure toward the end.”

All players who made Day 2 were automatically in the money, meaning there will be no money bubble to sweat through as the tournament continues on. Each min-cash is worth $2,200.

Alex ManzanoOther names that made Day 2 include Nagy, Bolivar Palacios, Felipe Montenegro and Americans Carter Gill and Roman Valerstein.

A few notable bustouts included the final member of team BetCRIS, Alex Manzano, who will not join fellow pros Engelberth Varela, Gerardo Godinez, Montenegro and Palacios on Day 2. After being eliminated on Day 1A, Manzano got off to a much better start on Day 1C and chipped up early on, but he was unable to hang on until the end of the night. Antoine Lafosse, the number one ranked player out of Peru who recently final-tabled the World Poker Tour Five Diamond in Las Vegas, was eliminated just two away from the bubble. Earlier in the day John Hewitt, who bubbled the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event final table, make his exit.

Day 2 will begin Tuesday, March 11 at 2 pm EST.

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Day 2 Chip Counts

Alberto Cartin 371,500 Costa Rica
Ignacio Barbero 336,000 Argentina
Rafael Pardo 333,500 Colombia
Andres You 279,500 Ecuador
Andres Parias 277,300 Colombia
John Idarraga 252,000 Colombia
Carter Gill 250,000 USA
Fernando Reines 247,500 Chile
Malandre Nicolas 237,500 Chile
Rodrigo Quesada 222,000 Chile
Maziar Keshavarzi 220,500 USA
Camilo Posada 219,500 bulgaria
Ryan Morrell 217,500 Canada
Jose Espinoza 211,200 Peru
Fernando Murrieta 203,000 Ecuador
Pablo Eggarter 202,500 Argentina
Phillip Nagy 200,000 Costa Rica
Cole William 199,700 USA
Ryan Smith 189,000 Canada
Adam Reynolds 185,800 Great Britain
Johnny Sandoval 182,000 CR
Amos Ben 180,000 Chile
Jose Luis Ruiz 174,000 Venezuela
Gabriel Diaz 172,500 Peru
Jaime Ateneloff 172,500 Uruguay
Anthony Petreccia 171,000 united states
Chris Wolters 166,500 Canada
Jonathan Brown 164,500 USA
Julio Bianchi 159,500 Chile
Felipe Montenegro 157,000 Costa Rica
Jeiko Palma 155,500 Panama
Khaled Nassief 154,500 Mexico
Roman Valerstein 154,500 USA
Luis Renoud 152,000 Mexico
Allan Zumaeta 150,000 Peru
Mayu Roca 144,500 Colombia
Francis Cruz 144,300 Dominican Republic
Vito Recchimurzo 144,000 Venezuela
Zennawi Petros 141,000 Canada
Ferdinando Giuseppe Decorato 140,000 Panama
Dan Kent 140,000 Great Britain
Miguel Solano 131,500 Costa Rica
Pablo Toimil 131,000 Argentina
Cristian Velasquez 130,000 Chile
Eduardo Bernal 125,500 Colombia
Bolivar Palacios 122,000 Panama
Joseph Ferry 120,100 Canada
Ben Warrington 120,000 Ireland
Jorge Viena 117,000 Peru
Adeb Shoman 116,500 Panama
Javier Grant 116,000 CR
Jaime Ligator 116,000 Costa Rica
Giulio Oliviero 115,500 Colombia
Flavio Arrieta 114,000 Peru
Manne Ravi 114,000 USA
Isaac Salmun 114,000 Mexico
Jorge Postigo 112,500 Peru
Alberto Fonseca 111,100 Costa Rica
Juan Alberto Sanchez 110,200 Dominican Republic
Roberto A Zamora 110,000 Costa Rica
Guillermo Echevarria 109,500 Peru
Jessica Perez 109,500 Panama
Jose Pino 109,500 Panama
Nickolas Davies 108,500 USA
Carlos Duran 108,000 Dominican Republic
Gerardo Godinez 105,000 mexico
Fernando Narvaez 105,000 Colombia
Donys Agenelli 102,000 Venezuela
toma Haralampiev 101,500 Bulgaria
Roberto Ingino 101,500 Venezuela
Oscar Ortiz 100,500 Puerto Rico
Kerig Borges 98,500 Venezuela
victor Lay Castro 96,500 peru
John Restrepo 95,500 Colombia
Guillermo Rosario 95,000 USA
Jose Alberto Maymo 94,000 Puerto Rico
Ricardo Chauriye 93,900 Chile
Jacobo Bucaram 91,500 Ecuador
Chachita Varela 90,500 Venezuela
Leonardo Tarazona 90,000 Colombia
Carlos Ciro 88,500 Colombia
Jesse Woolford 88,000 Canada
Luis Perez 87,000 Venezuela
Luis Janampa 86,000 Peru
Claudio Piedrabuena 82,000 Argentina
Carlos Lam 78,800 Panama
Sergio Larrain 77,900 Peru
Miguel Velasco 74,800 Colombia
Juan Medina 74,000 Colombia
Filippo Storino 72,100 Italy
Andrey Ardila 72,000 Colombia
Ricardo Arosemena 72,000 Panama
Guillermo Olvera 72,000 Mexico
Richard Webb 71,100 Canada
Manuel Aranguiz 71,000 Chile
Faiber Rodriguez 69,200 Colombia
John Abello 69,000 Colombia
Kelly Smith 69,000 Canada
Alejandro Velazquez 68,500 Mexico
Alon Raz 67,000 Israel
David El Chaak 66,000 Venezuela
Juan Fernando Lastra 66,000 Colombia
Felipe Morbiducci 65,500 Chile
David Tarbet 65,000 Great Britain
Jorge Olivos 63,000 Chile
Guillermo Neira 62,500 Chile
Norman Cordero 62,300 Costa Rica
James Downend 58,000 USA
Eitan Yechivi 58,000 Panama
Ezio Fenocchio 54,000 Italia
Raul Huayana 54,000 Peru
Hector Quinonez 51,500 Dominican Republic
Luis Andres Tejada 51,500 Chile
Euclides Corro 50,000 Panama
Rogelio Pardo 50,000 Costa Rica
Dustin Hunt 49,000 USA
Jorge Rivas 47,000 Colombia
Emanuel Cardenas 44,000 Peru
Daniel Ospina 43,000 Colombia
Roger Nordgren 42,000 USA
Manrique Quesada 41,000 CR
Fernando Sarmiento 37,500 Panama
Michelle Reyes 36,500 Ecuador
Mariano Ojeda 33,000 Colombia
Javier Ramirez 31,500 Honduras
Roger Roca 285,000 Peru
Marcelo Ottonello 25,000 Argentina
Dustin Benda 23,500 USA
Miodrag Brkovic 19,900 Aruba
Ronal Ramirez 11,000 Panama

*The official prize pool will be released when play begins on Tuesday.