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U.S. Lawmaker Wants To Ban Online Poker

Lindsey Graham Seeking To Restore Wire Act's Full Power


Another lawmaker on Capitol Hill wants to put a restriction on Internet gaming.

According to GamblingCompliance, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham — a Republican from South Carolina — said he is currently working on sponsoring federal legislation that would seek to ban all forms of Internet gambling. In other words, web poker would be outlawed.

Graham’s plans are more intense than a proposal that was tentatively pitched by Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, also a Republican. Heller would like to see a ban on Internet gaming, but with an exception made for poker — a game with a large skill component.

A bill from Graham reportedly would seek to restore the Wire Act’s control over web gaming. In December 2011, the Department of Justice issued a revision of sorts on its interpretation of the law, saying that states could pursue online gambling on their own turf.

Three have done so thus far.

Casino boss Shdeldon Adelson, a huge Republican donor, is fighting to stop the spread of online casino games in the country. He said he’s worried that online betting would hurt the brick-and-mortar side of things. Las Vegas Sands is the largest casino developer in the world.

It has been speculated that lawmakers opposing online gaming could gain favor with Adelson, who has pledged to spend “whatever it takes” on the issue.

Odds of any federal bill banning online gaming are remote, though. The reason? Because some states are already realizing legitimate revenues from the activity. Trying to put a stop to those industries would be almost impossible politically.



7 years ago

He is a bad guy. Turn coat up for sale to the highest bidder.


7 years ago

He is as bad as they come. I am a Republican with very Libertine ideas and have followed this scum bag for many years. Those that think McCain is bad, this PoS is scary.


7 years ago

Lindsey Graham is a turd. He cries about wanting less government influence in our lives all the time but then here he wants the government to tell us that we can't play a game of cards to blow off steam after work in the privacy of our own homes all due to his phony religious beliefs. Cognitive dissonant turd for brains.