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Some Full Tilt Poker Money Coming Back Friday

Former Players Scheduled To Receive ACH Deposits Tomorrow


On Monday, the firm in charge of assisting the government with compensating victims of the old Full Tilt Poker released an update to its website. Garden City Group said that the first round of payments will come tomorrow, Feb. 28, 2014, in the form of ACH deposits.

Friday’s payments will be for those who filled out all the paperwork correctly and have undisputed claims. In other words, what they thought they were owed and what GCG said they were owed matched up. Americans have been without access to the funds since April 2011.

As for others who still have to sort out some of the logistics for getting paid:

“…GCG has identified certain petitioners who are approved for payment but who submitted account information that was either incomplete or incorrect. On Feb. 21, 2014, GCG sent emails to all such petitioners with instructions as to how to update their bank account information through the online filing site. Please note that if we do not receive updated, complete and accurate information by Mar. 13, 2014, a check will be sent to the mailing address provided with the petition. Petitioners contacted by GCG in connection with their bank account information will receive payment in the second round of payments.”

In January, it was announced that GCG had approved around $82 million worth of payments to around 30,000 former players of Full Tilt Poker. That sum amounts to around half of what was stolen from players by the site while under prior ownership. More than one million potential victims of Full Tilt Poker were identified in the initial processing of the data.

Victims apparently are not receiving compensation for tournament credits or bonuses.



over 8 years ago

"Victims apparently are not receiving compensation for tournament credits or bonuses."

I believe I'm receiving $215 for having a FTOP ticket sitting in my account when Black Friday hit. I didn't have any cash in my account.