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Free Live Cash Game Tips PDF From Jonathan Little

Card Player Readers Get Free Access To Jonathan Little's Best Cash Game Tips


Jonathan LittleCard Player has joined forces with 2-time World Poker Tour champion Jonathan Little to teach poker players how to maximize their ROI in live cash games.

As part of this partnership, Little is giving Card Player readers a free PDF containing over 30 slides packed with Little’s BEST cash game tips from his upcoming live cash game webinar.

Little will be teaching all of these cash game tips and strategies in greater detail on a live 3-hour webinar on Tuesday February 25 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST.

Click here to get your free PDF with the slides from Little’s Live Cash Game Webinar

This is the ONLY time Little will be teaching this live cash game webinar.

During this live online training, Little will reveal his BEST live cash game strategies. Little will also be going over plenty of hand examples to illustrate various real world situations.

Card Player readers will get a $20 discount coupon to enroll in Little’s cash game webinar. This coupon can be found on the last page of the free webinar slides PDF and expires on Tuesday, February 25th, at 6 p.m EST.

Click here to download your FREE PDF and get a $20 discount coupon

Everyone who enrolls in this webinar will be able to attend live and ask Little questions, and will also get the video and MP3 recordings from this webinar.

If you are interested in attending this live webinar or getting access to the recordings, simply download the FREE PDF and follow the instructions on the coupon to enroll.

Here are the topics Little will be teaching on his upcoming LIVE cash game webinar:

  • Developing a Sound Strategy
  • The Five Things You Must Pay Attention To in Live Cash Games
  • Preflop Raise Sizing in Low and High Stakes Cash Games
  • How to Extract Maximum Value
  • Generic Early Position Opening Range
  • Generic Middle Position Opening Range
  • Generic Cutoff Opening Range
  • Generic Button Opening Range
  • Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Tight and Passive
  • Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Loose and Passive
  • Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Tight and Aggressive
  • Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Loose and Aggressive
  • Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Calling Stations
  • Adjusting to Your Opponents If They Are Maniacs
  • Common Leaks of Amateurs
  • Common Leaks of Weak Players
  • Common Leaks of Aggressive Players
  • Table Selection
  • Seat Selection
  • Bankroll Management
  • How Much to Take to the Table
  • Common and Reliable Tells
  • Life Leaks

You have until Tuesday, February 25 at 6 p.m. EST to sign up for Little’s live cash game webinar and save $20.

If you want to learn how to maximize your ROI in live cash games, then this training will teach you how.

Download your FREE Live Cash Games PDF and Get Your $20 Discount Coupon