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Woman Hits $29 Million Jackpot On Faulty Slot Machine, Casino Offers Her Two Steak Dinners

House Says Software Glitch Caused Mammoth Error


An apparent software glitch in a slot machine at Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana awarded a woman nearly $29 million on January 11. She left empty-handed.

According to reporting from a local ABC station, Jennifer Carmin sat down at the penny slot and before she knew it, the machine was flashing a number with a lot of digits and commas.

“I was scared,” Carmin said. “I put my hands up. I didn’t know what was going on. [The floor supervisor] said ‘We don’t know how this happened, what’s going on…’ My heart, it just felt like it was pounding out of my chest. I said ’I’m a very excitable person and you are causing me stress right now. You’re kinda scaring me.’ He said, ’Don’t touch the machine! Clear the machines! We have to shut down the machines!’”

Instead of being handed any part of the $28.9 million the machine said she had won, the casino offered her and her boyfriend a couple of steak dinners.

“I mean what are two steak dinners? I don’t even like steak. I tried to explain that to them; they thought that was funny. I said I don’t think that’s funny,” Carmin said.

She reportedly is fighting for the money.

When asked if she thinks she deserves the money, she replied: “They’re always taking my money and I don’t say: ‘Umm is that computer wrong or did you overcharge me?’”

According to the report: “…Blue Chip Casino executives [said] the slot machine manufacturer has already fixed whatever software bug caused the problem. But the Indiana Gaming Commission hasn’t [yet] figured out what caused it or what should be done. The state gaming director [said] he can’t remember a claim of this magnitude by a casino patron.”

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over 8 years ago

If the machine ( it had to be a progressive) displays that she hit then they should pay. Are they gonna refund all money the machine collected since the last software upgrade?? I doubt it. They, IMO, cannot/should not have it both ways. They should settle and give the money or at least a Million or two to show the community of Michigan City, Indiana they care about their customers!!


over 8 years ago

all machines say malfunction voids all pays. black n white


over 8 years ago

By the floor's comments it sounds like the whole bank of machines was acting up. I think they probably should've done a bit more than a couple of meals, especially if she is a regular. Certainly don't have all the details ... was that jackpot even available to that machine? $29M on a penny slot sounds a bit much.

Not sure how the machine manufacturer can fix the problem and yet the gaming commission wasn't told what happened. More to come for sure .. hope she got pictures or something.


over 8 years ago

As much as I like to play the slots, I think Michigan Players should think about staying away from the Blue Chip Casino on Valentine's Day - just a thought!!!