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WATCH: Poker Pro Convicted Of Murdering Parents Featured In CBS' '48 Hours'

Ernie Scherer III Was Found Guilty Of Homicides In 2011


Former poker professional Ernie Scherer III, who was arrested in 2009 for killing his parents and later convicted, was recently the subject of the CBS show “Forty Eight Hours”.

The segment was titled: “The Country Club Murders: Did skyrocketing debt push a former high roller to savagely kill his parents?” The show can be watched above in its entirety.

An investigator who worked the case told CBS:

“In my 28 years of working for the sheriff’s department, he was probably one of the persons I hated the most just because of his attitude throughout this thing and his arrogance. I think he honestly believed, and I think it had a lot to do with his poker, that he was going to get away with it and that he could bluff everybody.” Scherer testified in his own defense.

The parents were brutally beaten and stabbed.

Scherer racked up $340,670 in career tournament earnings over his poker career. In 2005, he made the unofficial final table of the Festa al Lago World Poker Tour event.

However, he reportedly had gambling debts and that was a motive for the crimes.



over 7 years ago

I watched this and found it to be DISGUSTING! This guy was no Poker Pro just a degenerate gambler with debt and the only way out was murder? Come on . Anything for T.V. 359k in tourney winnings and probably 10 times that in cash game and sports losses .