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Borgata Cancels $2M Poker Tournament With 27 Left Amid State Investigation Into Counterfeit Chips

State Currently Trying To Sort Through Scandal Being Called 'Chip Gate'


Photo via Twitter of entrant Luke EdwardsThe Associated Press reported early Saturday that the state of New Jersey has decided to cancel the first event of the Borgata Winter Poker Open with 27 people remaining due to an investigation into the counterfeit chips being used.

The state has said that at least one person used a “substantial amount” of phony tournament chips at some point in the event. The prize money was frozen pending the investigation.

According to reports, an extra one million in tournament chips could have been in the event.

A total of 4,814 players put up the $560 to enter. It’s unclear if any will receive refunds.

The tournament was suspended on Friday when suspicion of fake chips first arose.

“Thus far, investigators have found that one or more tournament entrants improperly introduced a significant number of counterfeit chips into the tournament, gaining an unfair advantage and compromising the integrity of play for the event,” Tom Ballance, the Borgata’s president and chief operating officer reportedly said Saturday morning.

“It is extremely unfortunate that the criminal actions of these individuals can have a detrimental impact on more than 4,000 other entrants,” he added. “We fully understand and regret the disappointment this cancellation causes our valued customers, and we will work diligently with DGE investigators to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. The integrity of our games and the confidence of our players is of the utmost importance to us.”

Other events in the series are moving along as scheduled.

Read more from the Associated Press right here.



5 years ago

So where does the money go? You already paid out people up to 6k. Now the final 27 get nothing???
It would be worth a lawsuit since 1st prize is almost 400k.


5 years ago

Already screaming lawsuit? Really? They are investigating and I'm sure that they are not going to keep the money. Sounds to me that they are taking all the right steps.


5 years ago

with so many players many dealers were from blackjack or other table games many complaints and dealers having trouble counting chips also when you went on break players were allowed to stay at the table by their self it would be very easy for a player when switching tables to pull a few 5000 chips out of his pocket and put them in his had or tray befor he sat back down i hope they cach him or her or them it is a wonder it is not done more often


5 years ago

They really need to clean the game up. Way to many internet punks ruining live poker. Hoodies, Sunglasses, and Music should all be banned at the table. Then people are easy to identify.
As for lawsuit, how would you feel if you were the chip leader with 27 people left and didn't do anything wrong? I would be going nuts.


5 years ago

How in the world did they think they can pull this off with counting at each day and croiss checking vs all chips entered. It's too bad because it's such a great event - hopefully they get caught and be banned for life and charged.

Obviosuly with that many chips in play - it's more than 1 person - and they thought they had the answer - a bunch of fools and a black eye again for poker.



almost 5 years ago

I don't think it's "phony tournament chips", it doesn't make sense to counterfeit tournament chips. What I strongly believe is they are stolen chips from small deep stack tournaments. I have seen few times players stealing big denomination chips and I have reported to the floor persons----they don't seem to care at all. And this stealing is going-on for years. If they have taken inventory of their chips at least once a week or a month, they would have found out that many high denomination chips are missing.

Borgata don't give too much importance to the integrity and fairness of the tournament 'cause they are cheap and greedy. They use the same set of chips over and over again for all kinds of tournaments.
The other thing is Borgata should not allow player to sit on the table during break, this is the time the players make their secret add-on or steal chips.