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Tribe In Oklahoma Sues Feds Over Online Poker Site

Group Wants To Offer Online Poker, But Feds Have Interfered


A tribe located within the state of Oklahoma has sued the U.S. government because it wants to be able to offer online poker and the feds have said not so fast.

The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes brokered a revenue-sharing deal with Oklahoma for its online poker site. The federal government objected not to the online poker activity itself, but to the nature of the deal between the two parties. In other words, the feds felt that the tribe was getting a raw deal with the state.

The tribe and Oklahoma have an existing gaming compact for the Lucky Star Casino.

According to The Oklahoman, the tribe filed the lawsuit late last month in federal court in Oklahoma City. It wants a judge to prevent the feds from interfering.

In other words, the tribe has said it doesn’t feel like it is getting screwed. Despite the revenue sharing, tens of millions in revenue are expected from the business.

The tribe wants to be able to offer online poker to players in foreign countries.

According to the report, the compact would have the tribe “pay the state four percent of the first $10 million in annual net revenue from electronic gaming, five percent of the next $10 million and six percent of any subsequent amount, plus a monthly 10 percent from non-house banked card games.” The latter refers to poker games. is not currently offering any games.

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