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Jason Mercier Looking For High-Stakes Action In Year-Long Sober Bet

Poker Pro Apparently Wants To Not Drink For 12 Months


Poker pro Jason Mercier took to Twitter recently to see if anyone in the gambling community was up for a prop bet that involved abstaining from drinking for an entire year.

Some of his peers responded, but it doesn’t look like any action has been booked yet. Mike McDonald asked Mericer, “How much do you drink?” and Brett Richey replied, “You gotta lay me odds”. Andrew Chen just wanted more details on the proposition.

Shaun Deeb was interested in the opposite, however.

Stay tuned to to see if there’s any action taken on this, as the poker community is descending on the Bahamas this weekend for the start of the 2014 PCA.

It’s almost always easier to sort out such bets in person.



almost 8 years ago

big deal I have been dry for 13 years one year pay me