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PokerStars To Continue Pursuit Of U.S. In 2014

Firm Not Giving Up On Restarting American Business


PokerStars, the world’s top online poker site, has so far failed to secure entry into both Nevada and New Jersey online gambling markets, but it will not give up on figuring out a way to re-enter the U.S. in 2014, according to a company blog post released Tuesday. PokerStars was kicked out of U.S. cyberspace in April 2011 thanks to a sweeping federal indictment.

The firm was working with Nevada lawmakers in early 2011 to try and get online poker legal there, even securing a tentative partnership with Wynn Resorts. That all eventually disentrgated, and around two years later PokerStars was vying for the purchase a casino in Atlantic City. That deal also unraveled, so the company then decided to partner with Resorts Casino Atlantic City, assuming it could secure authorization by the state to run online poker games. That hasn’t happened yet, and it remains up in the air if it ever will.

Delaware is the third state in the U.S. with legal online poker, but with around 900,000 people and a scant tourism industry compared to New Jersey and Nevada, it isn’t really an attractive — or available either — place to run an online poker site. Thus, PokerStars will look elsewhere for online poker possibilities across America.

“[…]PokerStars will continue to pursue our goals and remain confident that we will have a strong presence and positive economic impact in the American market in 2014, whether that is in New Jersey or another state seeking the benefits of being home to a world-class online gaming company,” the company’s Eric Hollreiser wrote in the blog.

Other states should be considering online poker at some point in 2014, though it’s no sure thing that any new state will legalize it over the next 12 months. California, the most populous state in the country, reportedly is a no-go for 2014.

There is nearly zero hope of a federal online poker bill ever passing.

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