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Former Steeler Says Casino Stole His Wages, Treated Him Like Garbage Because He's Black

Mike Merriweather Says The Meadows Should Be Punished


A former linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers is suing The Meadows Racetrack and Casino for alleged misconduct in how it treated him while he was an employee there.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Michael Merriweather claimed he worked at the property for nine months as the director of sports marketing and during that time he was subjected to terrible — and unlawful — behavior by superiors because of his race.

Merriweather is black.

The 53-year-old also claimed he was stiffed on money. His lawsuit said he was supposed to be paid salary plus commission, but a white superior over and over screwed him out of money.

The suit alleged that when he complained about the issue, management gave him the run-around. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that “[e]ventually, a group of white managers stopped responding to the former linebacker’s emails, inviting him to meetings and even greeting him in the hallways, the lawsuit alleged….A superior eliminated Merriweather’s office and told him to work in a common area, the lawsuit indicated.”

Merriweather was fired in January 2012.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. district court on Tuesday.

It seeks payment of lost wages, punitive damages and attorney fees.

The Meadows is owned by Cannery Casino Resorts and The Washington Trotting Association



almost 8 years ago

I am certainly not ignorant to the fact that it is still a very real issue and still happens far too much. However, I doubt that management, WHO HIRED HIM TO BEGIN WITH, would then turn around and discriminate against him, especially with him having a somewhat high profile of being an ex NFL player. Whenever I hear accusations or words as vague as 'being screwed out of money' or 'terrible behavior due to his race', it throws up red flags to me. Give us some specifics. How much money exactly? Give a specific instance of when you did not receive proper funds. Give me a specific instance of such behavior or racist example.

It sounds to me, if you read between the lines, that he most likely did not hold up his end of the bargain. He probably did not do what he was supposed to and management got 'screwed' with not being able to just fire him immediately due to his playing status and race. Instead of being able to fire someone for not doing their job anymore, as a business they have to drag it out to try to prevent things just like this from happening. They have to keep records of continued issues, take away certain things (like the office), and distance themselves in order to try to get him to leave on his own, etc.

Sounds like this guy is now broke and fishing for money.

Shame on Card Player for posting such a stupid article to begin with and then infer things they know nothing about. No mention of 'allegedly' or giving any benefit of the doubt to the casino. Do you guys know something we do not and did not write about it or is this guy a friend of someone at Cardplayer? I don't understand the point of the article at all. PLEASE EXPLAIN!