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Norwegian Politician Throws In Towel In Poker Battle

Ola 'Odd Oddsen' Amundsgaard Beats Him For 26 Buy-Ins On Saturday


The heads-up battle between poker pro Ola “Odd Oddsen” Amundsgaard and Norwegian politician Erlend Wiborg started and ended on Saturday.

Originally scheduled to play out over the next several months, Wiborg threw in the towel after losing around 26 buy-ins in a little more than 1,000 hands. The two were playing stakes of $0.50-$1 pot-limit Omaha. Amundsgaard would have paid $170,000 of his own money to Wiborg if he was the winner after 10,000 hands of action. It was a huge freeroll.

The match took place because Amundsgaard wanted to show that poker is a game of skill. He publicly issued a challenge to any Norwegian lawmaker, and Wiborg was the one who accepted. He agrees with Amundsgaard that poker is a skill game and should be regulated.

Wiborg apparently had some poker experience prior to the match, but any knowledge he had about the game was not visible during the contest. He got crushed.

“I hope at least it will lead to a discussion, and put poker on the agenda,” Amundsgaard told Card Player a couple of weeks before the match. Online poker is basically illegal in Norway.

There have been reports that the issue will be discussed there in the near future.

Amundsgaard is one of this year’s largest winners on the web. He is up around $3 million.

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