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Firm Wants Online Gambling In Macau

Could World's Top Gambling Market Authorize I-Gaming?


Macau is already the top gambling hub in the world — taking in more than $40 billion in gaming revenue this year — but at least one firm wants Internet gambling there.

According to, Japanese pachinko hall operator Dynam Japan Holdings will look into developing games for the web in Macau, assuming that it would be legal under the law.

The last point reportedly is unclear right now.

A Macau bylaw has taken a look at mobile betting within casino properties, though such wagering is not full-fledged Internet gambling. In other words, you’d need to be able to play from home in order for it to truly count. Right now, people in Macau can log on to offshore poker sites like PokerStars. There’s just no firm in Macau offering online games.

The former Portugeuse colony reportedly flirted with Internet gambling in the past, but the talks were abandon. Apparently Dynam Japan Holdings is looking to reunite the debate.

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