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Google Glass Could Help Poker Cheats

As Esquire Article Highlighted, Technology Not Welcome At Card Table


Google Glass is still in its infancy, but some have found a use for the product at the poker table. As a recent piece by Esquire pointed out, it could give less experienced players the ability to obtain advice from others. In other words, totally defy the one-player-to-a-hand rule.

That rule is pretty sacred in the game of poker.

In the piece, the author described how he was able to let his professional poker-playing cousin observe his cards at a home game, as well as the table itself, thanks to Google Glass’ ability to record live video and have it streamed to anywhere.

In this case, all the way to a skilled player in Las Vegas.

The technology has had Nevada gaming regulators a bit worried. In June, the state issued a recommendation to its casinos, saying that they should ban Google Glass:

Regulators wrote: “While there is nothing specifically illegal regarding the possession and/or general use of these devices, the potential for inappropriate and/or illegal use in a casino does exist. For example, these devices could be used to share card information between players in poker and other table games, which could give those players an unfair advantage or allow them to cheat, in violation of NRS 465.075 and 083. In addition, the use of these devices in the casino area or on gaming tables could potentially undermine the public’s confidence that gaming in Nevada is “conducted honestly, competitively and free of criminal and corruptive elements.”

Nevada ultimately decided to let casinos make their own policies for the technology.

So, don’t worry about Google Glass affecting the integrity of the World Series of Poker.

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