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Hansen In The Abyss $15 Million On Full Tilt Poker

Poker Pro Still In Free Fall As 2013 Winds To A Close


Negative $15 million.

Since Full Tilt Poker returned to cyberspace in November 2012, Gus Hansen has consistently gotten pounded by his high-stakes competitors. As 2013 winds to a close, the wheels have completely fallen off and there are no signs of them being put back on anytime soon. Will he eventually take a long break?

He has lost nearly $8.6 million during the calendar year so far.

The past seven days on Full Tilt saw Hansen drop close to $1 million, according to HighstakesDB. Those losses have plummeted him to $15 million in the hole, which is his worst ever deficit on the software and by far the most in history for any one account, according to the tracking. His losses might be unprecedented for the Internet.

The second worst account ever was noataima, which lost around $7 million.

Here’s a look at the HighstakesDB top 10 worst accounts:

Gus Hansen: -$15 million
noataima: -$7.1 million
lady marmelade: -$6.6 million
patatino: -$5.9 million
samrostan: -$4.8 million
Niki Jedlicka: -$4.6 million
elmariachimacho: -$4.2 million
MalACEsia: -$3.8 million
cadillac1944: -$3.2 million
Phil “Polarizing” Ivey: -$2.7 million

(note 1: Ivey won around $19 million under his now defunct “Phil Ivey” account.)
(note 2: All the aforementioned accounts are Full Tilt Poker accounts.)
(note 3: Though no account has been officially connected to him, billionaire Guy Laliberte is rumored to have lost around what Hansen has before he quit playing online poker.)
(note 4: Only Hansen, samrostan and Ivey are still active these days.)



over 7 years ago

Let me quote Kassem "Freddy" Deeb in post elimination interview with Shana Hiatt at the 1st every WPT tournament after getting eliminated by Hansen's suckout: "I wish i could play with that guy everyday for the rest of my life."


over 7 years ago

wait I will get out a violin what BS
Like he is playing with his money, nothing but a scam that FTP


over 7 years ago

It is not BS of how bad of an all around poker player Gus Hansen really is. Just ask his fellows high stakes players in confidence and you will quickly realize he IS the mark in the high stakes games.


over 7 years ago

I think we all knew what a donk Hansen really is. This just proves it. Playing any garbage cards all the time might win you a few tournaments, if you get enough suck outs. But in cash games, it will make you the big sucker at the table.