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Poker Pro Fends Off Two Robberies In One Day

New York Post Reports On Amazing Day For Eric Riley


The New York Post on Friday reported on a crazy story of a poker player apparently fending off two separate attempted robberies in a single day. He was carrying $100,000.

The player, 32-year-old Eric Riley, reportedly was trying to catch a flight out of Kennedy Airport. He had been gambling in Atlantic City.

The person he was getting a ride from allegedly knew about Riley’s stash of cash and when Riley was about to get his bags out of the trunk, the driver sped away with the bag that contained the money.

In an effort to retreive the $100,000, Riley reportedly flagged down a cab and handed the driver $400 to catch up to the car that was trying to flea the scene.

Riley’s cab met up with the car at a red light and he apparently reached into the trunk, which was still open, and got his money back.

After the ordeal, a third car arrived at the scene, and the two men inside said they were undercover cops. Riley believed them and got in their car.

The two men then tried to rob Riley of his $100,000, even pulling a gun on him.

Riley decided to open the door and jump out of the moving car and onto the highway. He suffered some minor injuries but appears to be OK.

After rolling around on the highway, he got a second cab and made it to a real cop to tell his incredible story. Police reportedly are investigating the matter.



8 years ago

GG Eric Riley. Probably not a +EV move jumping out of a moving car while being detained by guys with guns but we all have to go with our gut sometimes!


8 years ago

I'd say it was def +EV


8 years ago

Near Kennedy Airport? Let's see...said highway had to be either the Belt Parkway or the Van Wyck Expressway, and neither tends to move very fast (both have posted limits of 50 at most, most of the Van Wyck is actually 40, and most of the time neither drives as advertised. Bailing while in motion, while still dangerous, wasn't nearly as risky as this article would have you think. Ballsy escape by Mr. Riley nonetheless!