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Report: New Jersey Bill Would Allow Web Poker Players From Outside The U.S.

Garden State Looking To Get More Liquidity


The state of New Jersey hasn’t even started its intrastate online gambling industry yet, but at least one politician is gearing up for making moves to increase liquidity by allowing gamblers from outside of the U.S. to participate in the New Jersey-based games.

According to a report from eGaming Review, New Jersey lawmaker Ray Lesniak, who was behind the earlier web poker legalization efforts there, will soon introduce new legislation to explicitly allow the state to engage in such activity.

The news isn’t at all surprising, though. The state has long planned to increase its player pool by allowing its gaming companies to take action from other jurisdictions.

The reason is simple: more gaming revenue and thus more tax revenue.

In addition, the New Jersey plans are in no way unique among U.S. states with legalized web poker. Both Nevada and Delaware are seeking to allow bettors from other jurisdictions. Other states that eventually legalize will presumably want to do the same.

Allowing players from other U.S. states to play might be the first step before the first person living overseas can play on a U.S.-sanctioned online poker site.

People in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have all been communicating with each other about possible partnerships. Those could happen sometime in 2014.

The name of the game is really liquidity. In the case of Nevada, just two poker sites are up and running despite dozens being licensed and legalization happening in 2011. The online poker market in the Silver State just isn’t all that juicy for some firms.

All of the developments in the reboot of online poker in the U.S. (post-Black Friday) move at a very slow pace. It could be quite awhile before the aforementioned three expand their respective offerings outside of the United States.

New Jersey will launch a online gambling trial period Thursday.