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Report: Gambling Ads In U.K. Have Risen 600 Percent Since Sector Was Deregulated In 2007

Industry Has Gone Mainstream After 2007 Law Change


The Guardian reported Tuesday that since the gambling industry in the United Kingdom was deregulated in 2007, TV ads have increased by a whopping 600 percent.

In 2007 there were around 234,000. Nowadays there are about 1.4 million annually.

The research is according to Media regulator Ofcom.

The 2007 law change “opened the door to TV advertising for sports betting, online casinos and poker. Prior to that legislation only allowed ads for football pools, the National Lottery and bingo premises.” In other words, it was a major change for the country.

In 2005, just 90,000 ads were aired.

Here’s the breakdown of gaming ads in 2012 in the U.K.: 532,000 bingo, 411,000 online casino and poker services, 355,000 lotteries and scratch cards and 91,000 sports betting.

Gambling in the United Kingdom is regulated by the Gambling Commission on behalf of the government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport under the Gambling Act 2005. The Act of Parliament significantly updated the UK’s gambling laws, including the introduction of a new structure of protections for children and gambling addicts, as well as bringing the Internet gaming sector within British regulation for the first time.

In 2010, the British gambling industry accounted for 0.5 percent of the nation’s GDP.

Many of the top poker pros in the world call England home. They can play online poker there, unlike their counterparts in the United States of America.