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Deadline Approaching: Full Tilt Poker Victims Have Until Saturday To File A Claim

Around 35,000 Former Players Have So Far Asked To Be Paid Back


Victims of the Full Tilt Poker fraud only have a few days left to file a claim online for possible compensation.

On September 16 and September 17, Garden City Group, the payment processor hired by the government to facilitate the cash outs, sent notices to all potentially eligible petitioners identified utilizing data supplied by the once defunct Full Tilt.

The firm said it sent out more than 1.4 million emails.

According to the Poker Players Alliance, around 35,000 petitions have been filed so far.

The deadline to fill one out is Saturday, Nov. 16.

In you haven’t filled out a claim, but would like to, click here.

Payouts reportedly could start coming in during the first quarter of 2014.

The whole mess stems from Full Tilt falling into hot water with the federal government in April 2011, a day known to the poker world as Black Friday. The site’s owners were eventually accused of defrauding players, as the company went insolvent with hundreds of millions owed to players around the world. PokerStars went on to buy Full Tilt and pay out non-American players, with the U.S. government and its hired hand in charge of cashing out Americans. After long waits, that process could finally finish sometime in 2014.

The former owners off Full Tilt have all settled their respective cases.



almost 8 years ago

They say they sent out emails but i never got one and a few of my friends did'nt either, i did file a claim last month though thanks to an article here on card player, only $161 but i'll take it!!! ,,,,,,,, only 35,000 claims out of 1.4 million emails??? kinda makes me think very few players recieved an email to start with and if you did'nt get lucky and catch an article somewhere telling how to file a claim you miss out and never know anything about the whole process! ,,,,,,,,, you would think they could mail out some letters or make some phone calls but i guess the less players that claim money the more that will be left over for Garden city and the Gov!


almost 8 years ago

Is it really worth filing a claim and opening yourself to IRS scrutiny for $161? Did you always file every winning and losing session on your previous years tax returns?