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Web Poker: Viktor Blom Captures $2 Million This Week

Swede Is Now Back To Around $4 Million In Profits On The Year


Viktor Blom was recently nearing the red on the year, but he has recovered in a huge way over the past few weeks to put his earnings on the year back to around $4 million.

Over the past seven days, the Swede scored $2 million, according to HighstakesDB.

He most intense action during the recent stretch was against Alex “IReadYrSoul” Millar, who despite the action against Blom, managed to be a solid winner for the week.

Blom is now leading the way in profits for the year among the entire online poker world.

Take a look at his vicious HighstakesDB graph.

In other news, the 15,000-hand challenge between Doug “WCGRider” Polk, and Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky came to a close this week, with Polk further destroying his nosebleed opponent.

When it was all over, Polk was up a whopping $740,000. They were playing multiple tables of $100-$200 no-limit hold’em. Polk told Card Player recently:

“…There is a little more stress and pressure, but it also makes you bring your A-game and work a bit harder than if it was just an ordinary match against another high-stakes regular. It has more allure in terms of what you want to watch. A lot of people were predicating it to be a lot closer than it has been, but I am pretty happy it hasn’t (laughs). I think the general public wanted more of a battle, but I guess I just brought too much thunder.”

Sulsky was last year’s biggest winner online, but is down seven-figures in 2013.

Another player who has been hurting this year is Gus Hansen. After a horrible week of losing $615,000, the Dane is now down $5 million on the year, which is the largest deficit we have seen from him in 2013. These losses make him a nearly $11.5 million lifetime loser on Full Tilt.