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Las Vegas Casino Firm To Open Trailer Casino For One Day To Satisfy Gaming Regulators

Station Casinos Needs To Keep Land Active In Order To Main Gaming Rights


Photo Via Las Vegas Review-JournalA tiny casino in a trailer will return to a vacant property in the Las Vegas area this December.

According to reporting from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the casino, dubbed “Trailer Station”, will appear on the land to satisfy regulatory requirements that state the activity must happen in order for the land’s owner to maintain gaming rights.

The two firms, Station Casinos and United Coin Machine, are behind the efforts. Station Casinos is the landowner and is allowing United Coin to run the trailer.

The site was home to the since-imploded Showboat/Castaways property.

According to the Review-Journal, slot machine operator United Coin will locate the 40-foot trailer with 16 slot machines on the land for eight hours on Dec. 10. That’s all it needs.

Regulators have signed off on the plan.

The structure of the old hotel-casino was demolished in 2006. Station Casinos reportedly has no plans at the moment to redevelop the land, but it wants to keep its options open.

Other owners of vacant casino sites reportedly have used a similar strategy to maintain rights to host gaming there. Presumably, this all is designed for eventually redeveloping the land into a full-fledged casino if the economy improves. Las Vegas has been rebounding slowly.

These one-day trailer casinos reportedly attract few gamblers when the pop up.