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Pennsylvania Casino Boss Wants Underagers To Be Punished More Severely For Trying To Gamble

Sands Casino-Resort Bethlehem Calling For Driving License Suspensions


Sands Casino-Resort Bethlehem in Pennsylvania wants the state to increase the severity of the punishment for people who attempt to gamble underage.

According to the Morning Call, the casino’s president wants a law that would require a one-year loss of a person’s driving license for trying to enter any Pennsylvania casino floor while underage.

In other words, get caught trying to sneak in and the state could make it harder to go to work, see friends or family, as well as provide you with a criminal record.

The casino reportedly has been fined $56,000 so far this year for four incidents of underage gambling. The casino tries to keep them out, but some slip through the cracks.

“It’s a technology arms race and the fakes are getting better,” Sands President Robert DeSalvio said during a licensing hearing this week. “I think for a first offense, a person should lose their license for a year. I think that would be an excellent deterrent…I know we’ve had to pay our penalties in the form of fines. But I’m frustrated that our security staff has to constantly keep up with fraudulent IDs, fake IDs and IDs from brothers, nephews and cousins.”

Right now, underage gamblers who are caught face a citation that can result in a small fine.

The state of Pennsylvania has 12 casinos, and over time has collected seven figures worth of fines from the properties stemming from underage gambling.

Pennsylvania saw the opening of its first Las Vegas-style casino in 2007.

Neighboring New Jersey has a policy of taking driver’s licenses away. That state was actually recently home to a horrific case of police violence stemming from an underage gambling incident.