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Massachusetts Pastor Accused Of Stealing $230,000 To Fund Gambling Habit

Stephen Gemme Resigns Because Of Scandal, Seeking Treatment


Another religious figure has fallen into hot water thanks to a gambling addiction, and this time the betting allegedly involved stealing more than $200,000.

Stephen Gemme, pastor of the 800-family strong Saint Bernadette Parish in the state of Massachusetts, recently resigned over allegations that he siphoned off a massive sum, which included both parish and school funds, in order to pursue his second life as a degenerate gambler.

The case has been referred to the District Attorney’s Office.

In a letter addressing the scandal, a fellow church leader wrote, “This is very distressing news…It is tragic. Even in light of this serious breach of trust, we must remember that Fr. Gemme has done much good for many of you and your families, as well as for your parish and school. It will take time for us to find healing and I can only ask that you keep the parish and school community in prayer over the coming weeks and months, for with God’s help all things are possible.”

Gemme might not need to worry too much about facing a stiff criminal penalty from the “criminal justice system”, though. It seems religious — and military — figures can get it pretty easy, compared to the general public, when it comes to crimes involving gambling.

A nun in the state of New York recently received 90 days in jail for stealing $130,000 to fund her gambling. Also, a prominent rabbi in the Chicago area was busted for trespassing and identity deception for casino gambling even after self-excluding himself, but those charges were dropped.

Just recently, there was the case of a high-ranking military official, who oversaw the nation’s nuclear weapons, not facing any charges for allegedly counterfeiting casino chips, even though such an act is a felony in Iowa. He was demoted by the federal government.