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Blackjack High Roller Stiffs Casino DJ On $200K

Events Eventually Led To Lawsuit In Nevada


A DJ who was offered $200,000 to play one Bon Jovi song at a Las Vegas nightclub a couple of years ago was reportedly stiffed on his money, and the whole mess is now playing out in Nevada federal court, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The DJ, Deadmau5, had his agent go to collect the six-figure sum, but the high-stakes gambler refused to pay. The latter reportedly was in the middle of a losing blackjack session.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

“Don Johnson, identified as being an important Wynn client, [is] known to spend $100,000 to $500,000 at nightclubs on any given night. Johnson is also described as the CEO of Heritage Development, which would make him the same high roller who, in a four-month spree, won $6 million at the Tropicana, $5 million at the Borgata and $4 million at Caesars, and has been written about as “‘The Man Who Broke Atlantic City.’”

Since Johnson refused to pay, and Deadmau5 was a highly-sought-after DJ, the nightclub owner and the talent agency that worked with Deadmau5 came up with the funds to give him the promised $200,000. The nightclub owner ponied up $50,000, while the agency (William Morris Endeavor) put in the other $150,000. Deadmau5 was paid.

Everything appeared to be resolved, but recently the nightclub owner sued the agency for the $50,000, saying that it failed to repay — presumably meaning that the nightclub owner saw the $50,000 as a loan rather than actually putting it into the pot.

However, the latest court papers reveal that there is a settlement in the works.

The nightclub owner called the whole tale of events ridiculous.

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