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CPPT IX - bestbet Jacksonville

$2,500 No-Limit Hold'em


Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Main Event Begins Friday, June 25

The 2021 Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville kicked off last week, and now the centerpiece of the 11-event series is set to get underway. The CPPT bestbet Jacksonville $2,500 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event ...

If Licensed By State, PokerStars To Spend $10 Million On Atlantic City Live Poker Room

Investment Would Come At Resorts Casino Hotel


If/when PokerStars acquires authorization to offer online poker in New Jersey, the firm will begin construction on a $10 million live poker room in Atlantic City, according to reports.

Press of Atlantic City reported the price-tag. The room would be built at Resorts Casino Hotel, which PokerStars is partnering with. That casino hasn’t had a poker room since 2010.

Online gambling is expected to kick off in New Jersey in late November, though it’s unclear which firms will be offering games right away. More than three dozen companies initially filed to be a part of the industry. The city has 12 brick-and-mortar casinos.

Such online activity was legalized in New Jersey earlier this year.

In addition to the Garden State, Nevada and Delaware have legal web gambling.

PokerStars had originally tried to get involved with Nevada online poker, during the pre-Black Friday legislative debates there. However, once it fell into hot water with the federal government, Nevada moved forward on its own without PokerStars, which once had a tentative deal with Wynn Resorts. Wynn recently announced a partnership with 888 Holdings.

PokerStars, the world’s busiest online poker site, was trying recently to buy its own Atlantic City casino, but that deal fell through. Thus, the firm went the route of partnering with Resorts, which was a requirement to eventually offer web poker in/from the state.

If the live poker room at Resorts eventually comes to fruition after acquiring an online gambling license, it would be an immensely successful arrival on what has turned out to be a long road for the Isle of Man-based PokerStars.

The firm settled with the federal government last year without admitting to any wrongdoing.



over 7 years ago

Should be a good idea if they do it right. They would have to offer some guaranteed money for tournaments to attract some people. As i resident of NJ i wouldnt go there unless they did. Cash games too, they need a bad beat jackpot and some kind of free roll if you play enough hours. Maybe some kind of other little promotions in between like offering something for high hand of the night. If they just open it like every other card room they will be doomed to fail. 90 to 95% of people play at Borgata. They are rich enough to offer a lot back to there players, something i hope pokerstars is looking at. The rest play at Harrahs or Taj. Harrahs rooms will still be ok but the Taj room will be screwed of PS does this room at resorts right. Its already in trouble as it is. Pokerstars has a chance to make this casino right. plus it was a better choice than atlantic club. I really hope they figure out how to do this right and help save AC. I fear that place will change for the worse significantly during my life time and that really blows


over 7 years ago

@ Eye... they are not floating spending 10 million on a poker room because they want to open a successful poker room. They are doing it because AC is struggling and they are trying to buy their way into the US online poker market.... see also buying Full Tilt. They operated illegally for years and now they are hoping that if they trow enough money at the regulators and the struggling economies they will be able to get someone to license them. The issue is there were a ton of gaming companies that choose not to violate the law and take the easy money because they knew they would be in the position that Pokerstars is in now.... on the outside looking in. So every big gaming company is actively lobbying against them and their case is simple:Why would you reward a company that doesn't respect US have a piece of the US market? What message does that send about obeying the laws.... even ones you don't agree with? I still don't think they will get a license but they are betting that if spend enough money on failing casinos (that they will just shutdown after they get their online gaming license once the US has nationwide online gaming) the powers that be will let them in. So we will see.


over 7 years ago

The reason all gaming companies are lobbying against pokerstars is because they are afraid that it will dominate the online poker in USA and may also take away a big chunk of business from the casinos' table games too. Whatever the case may be but I'm glad Pokerstars/Resort casino is competing with Borgata. Borgata is getting too greedy and the floor persons are getting too arrogant. We need some competition and competition would be beneficial to poker community in NJ.


Mark Clyde Brant V
over 7 years ago

Stars does online poker better than anyone. Atlantic City will be lucky to get them, and New Jersey knows that.