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Online Poker: Viktor Blom Approaching The Red After Once Being Up $5 Million This Year

Back-To-Back Horrid Weeks Has The Swede In Free Fall


After another horrible week at the high-stakes online poker tables, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has reached his lowest point on the year since early in January.

According to HighstakesDB, Blom dropped about $560,000 over the past seven days, which puts his winnings on the year at around $650,000. He was, at one point this year, up more than $5 million thanks to one historic upswing. However, those efforts might have all been in vain.

The Swede has played more than 310,000 hands this year.

Despite the awful run of cards as of late, Blom seems to be in OK spirits. It makes sense, because, after all, there appears to be a small chance he will ever be out of action. (He is sponsored by Full Tilt Poker). It also doesn’t hurt that he is undoubtedly world-class and a seven-figure upswing is usually around the corner, at least historically speaking.

While Blom kept losing, Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker was the big winner over the past seven days. The German poker pro won about $631,000. The performance was a continuation of a massive heater he has been on — and riding — for quite some time.

Heinecker is now up just under $3 million on the year on Full Tilt. He had a massive $4.5 million win at a live tournament in Asia back in June, so between live and online he is having one of the best years in the entire poker world. For comparison, the World Series of Poker main event champion in November will walk away with $8.3 million.

Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, who has been seen logging on from Mexico, was among the largest winners during the week, as he scooped around $530,000. Despite the profits, he is still down around $2.5 million on Full Tilt Poker — the site he once endorsed — for the year.

Ivey’s troubles haven’t been confined to the computer. The high-stakes gambler is battling it out in court with a London casino after he won $12.1 million playing a form of baccarat and the casino decided not to pay. Just this week it was made public that Ivey admitted to playing with a huge edge thanks to a manufacturing flaw in the cards. He maintains he deserves his money.

Don’t feel too bad for Ivey, though. The nine-time WSOP bracelet winner is still the biggest winner in online poker history thanks to around $17 million in profits.

Here is a look at the updated scoreboard for online poker this year.

Winners In 2013

cottonseed1: $3.43 million
Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene: $3.00 million
Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker: $2.99 million
Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn: $2.80 million
Patrik “FiddaGrind” Antonius: $2.55 million

Losers In 2013

Gus Hansen: -$4.44 million
MalACEsia: -$3.77 million
samrostan: -$3.08 million
Phil “Polarizing” Ivey: -$2.59 million
punting-peddler: -$1.56 million

All figures via HighstakesDB.