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High-Stakes Online Poker: Alex 'IReadYrSoul' Millar Wins $1.2 Million This Past Week

Poker Pro Biggest Winner Over Past Week On Full Tilt Poker


image via Masters Poker ClubAlex “IReadYrSoul” Millar had by far the best week at the high-stakes online poker tables, winning a whopping $1.2 million over just 3,346 hands, according to tracking data from HighstakesDB.

The young British poker pro is now up just under $570,000 on the year on Full Tilt Poker. The past seven days were crucial for him. At one point in July he was down more than $1.6 million on the year on the software. Millar plays under the screen name “Kanu7” on PokerStars, and he is up around $330,000 on the year there.

Some of his profits this past week on Full Tilt came at heads-up $400-$800 no-limit hold’em. He was battling with the likes of nosebleed regular Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

The largest pot of the match began with Millar raising to $2,700. Blom called. The flop fell 10Club Suit 7Spade Suit 5Diamond Suit. Blom checked, Millar bet $2,850, Blom check-raised to $12,000, and Millar called.

The turn brought the 2Heart Suit, and Blom fired $24,800. Millar made the call.

The river brought the ADiamond Suit, and Blom shoved for $152,793, which had Millar barely covered.

Millar made the call with the 7Diamond Suit 2Diamond Suit, and he was good against the 8Diamond Suit 6Heart Suit of Blom.

Despite losing that hand, Blom managed to win just under $700,000 for the week.

That monster wasn’t actually the largest hand of the week.

Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky and Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton played a really interesting $394,057 pot at $400-$800 no-limit hold’em six-handed.

The action started with Sulsky ($196,200) raising to $2,400 from the cutoff with the KHeart Suit 8Heart Suit. Haxton ($306,500) called from the button, and everyone else at the table folded.

The flop fell 8Spade Suit 6Heart Suit 4Heart Suit, giving Sulsky top pair and a flush draw.

However, he elected to check his monster to Haxton. Haxton fired $4,000, and Sulsky called.

The turn brought the ADiamond Suit, and Sulsky checked once again. Haxton bet 22,000.

Sulsky called, and the river was the 3Heart Suit, giving Sulsky his second-nut flush. He sneakily checked for a third time to his aggressive opponent, and Haxton bet $47,200. Sulsky check-shoved for $167,000 total, and Haxton called and mucked when he saw the slow-played flush.

These games have been running around unknown Macau account “MalACEsia” who dropped more than $900,000 over the past week. That brings his/her losses on the year to $3.77 million.

Winners In 2013

cottonseed1: $3.31 million
Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene: $2.89 million
Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn: $2.73 million
Patrik “FiddaGrind” Antonius: $2.68 million
Viktor “Isildur1” Blom: $2.57 million

Losers In 2013

MalACEsia: -$3.77 million
Gus Hansen: -$3.71 million
samrostan: -$3.89 million
Phil “Polarizing” Ivey: -$2.98 million
punting-peddler: -$1.52 million

All figures via HighstakesDB.



8 years ago

yeah, at the top level it is pretty much all luck lol. you got great players like gus hansen and phil ivey down 3+ million dollars. phil ivey is supposed to be the best player in the world, why are you down 3 million dollars? oh yeah, because everyone basically has the same skill set and the only determining factor is what cards come up lol


8 years ago

Keep telling yourself that bud


8 years ago

please explain why gus hansen and phil ivey are down 3 million + then. It is pretty easy to say 'keep telling yourself that bud' isn't it? Does it prove any thing to say that? Let me think about that......

No, it doesn't prove anything at all. Try to use your brain and think of something constructive to say, moron.


almost 8 years ago

variance and the level of play has steadily increased causing them to be passed by. To say it's all luck is just laughable.

So keep telling yourself that bud...


almost 8 years ago

And Ivey hasn't been the best player in the world for a couple of years. You might want to catch up on things.


8 years ago

You saying that Gus Hansen is one of the best players in the world tells it all golden.....

Gus Hansen is an inferior player to most high level pros. Do you know how much money he is down online and live over the past few years?

Phil Ivey is a much better live game player. I don't think he respects the online game enough to take it seriously enough to stay focused the entire time to maximize his play. There are so many good players now that even so, Ivey would not necessarily be favored against the players he plays with online, regardless if he put 100% into it.