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Marriage Between Brunson and Anderson Over Is No More


The marriage, apparently, is over.

Pamela Anderson, who launched her own branded poker site alongside Doyle Brunson at this summer's World Series of Poker, has shut down her site. was part of the Doyle Brunson Poker Network.

Pam and Doyle Wed at WSOP

This is what she had to say in her "diary" entry that appeared on her personal site:

"Poker site should have been shut down last month. I have nothing to do with it anymore. Too many shady areas. I really don't want to encourage people to gamble. This must be turned off. It just didn't work out. Even in my heart. Good luck to Doyle's Room. I love him. He is authentic to the game. I made a mistake getting involved in something I know nothing about for a quick buck! Yuck. So unlike me. Glad it's over."

During the WSOP, Brunson and Anderson held a press conference that masked as a "wedding" ceremony in front of a roomful of media members. She even wore white and a veil and tossed a bouquet into the crowd as cameras flashed like mad.

The press conference ended with Anderson getting a thump on the head from a vinyl banner than was suppose to unroll with the yank of a ribbon. While Brunson's side went off without a hitch, the tug by Anderson brought the entire sign down on top of her. Click here to read about the press conference.

Pam at the roast

She stopped in Vegas briefly to attend the press conference and Brunson's roast, where she was mercilessly skewered by comedian Brad Garrett to the point that she and her dozen-strong crew stormed out. Click here to read about the roast.

Anderson followed the footsteps of Cindy Margolis, who launched her own short-lived site late last year.



over 14 years ago

who gives a crap? by the way is this news article comment system new? i like it.


over 14 years ago

she's right she should not encourage people to gamble,or tie her name to it to make a quick buck.she should keep encourging people to view her in pornographic situations to make a quick buck.what a moron,i never liked her skanky ass anyway.