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New Billion-Dollar Casino Planned In Australia

Hong Kong Billionaire Wants To Build Massive Facility


A Hong Kong billionaire has expressed interest in building a brand new multi-billion-dollar casino in Australia, Agence France-Presse reported.

The casino project would have nine luxury hotels, amassing 3,750 rooms, and a gigantic aquarium, reportedly set to be one of the largest in the world.

It would come at a cost of about $3.7 billion in United States dollars.

The potential developer claims the property would be a “man-made wonder of the world”.

“Facilities of the like of Aquis Resort at The Great Barrier Reef don’t only attract the Chinese mass-market middle-class, but also the big-spending, high-value, ever-expanding Chinese upper-class,” the developer said in a statement.

Tony Fung, the man behind the idea, reportedly is from one of Hong Kong’s top banking families.

The property would be slated for 2018, if approved.

According to AFP, “the state government…gave Aquis ‘co-ordinated project’ status, meaning all approvals — including environment, social and licensing requirements — will be handled in a coordinated way rather than separately by different departments.”

Other regulatory approval would be needed before the project gets underway.

An Australian billionaire reportedly is also trying to bring his own casino to the country, possibly setting the stage for a competition between the two proposals. The plans reportedly have some locals concerned about the addition of casinos to their respective areas.

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