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Full Tilt Poker Victims To Receive What They Had In Their Accounts, As Opposed To Deposits

Garden City Group Makes Important Announcement Thursday


On Thursday, the claims administrator for the Full Tilt Poker remission process released an update on its website, stating that players will be paid back what they had in their accounts when the site left American cyberspace on April 15, 2011 (Black Friday).

The development is a big deal for the poker community, as it was once rumored that the government could be refunding players only what they had deposited over the years.

“If the forfeited funds available for distribution equal or exceed the aggregate FTP Account Balances for all eligible Petitioners, each eligible Petitioner with an approved claim will receive the entirety of his or her FTP Account Balance,” Garden City Group said. “If the aggregate FTP Account Balances for all eligible Petitioners exceed the funds available for distribution, payments shall be made to eligible Petitioners on a pro rata basis.”

The Garden City Group added that "the claims process will begin shortly.”

“Once the process begins, GCG will email instructions on how to complete an online claim to all potentially eligible claimants identified by GCG utilizing data supplied by FTP,” it said.

Just recently, GCG told Card Player the process would take at least another year.



almost 8 years ago

Nice to see some good news. Can't wait til 2025 to get that money!


almost 8 years ago

Maybe this GCC is embarrassed to say they have burned through most of the cash on their lawyers and staff. Almost outta cash, so, they are finished their "research."


almost 8 years ago

What do you expect when you put your money into a shady dishonest business. Maybe you will get lucky and get bailed out by the government like the auto,banking or airline industries and their investors and depositors. Or maybe you will get what the investors in Worldcom , Enron or Sears got. A big fat zero.