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Poker Players Alliance Asks Those Waiting For Full Tilt Money To Fill Out Survey

Grassroots Group Still Working On Speeding Up Remission Process


The Poker Players Alliance is asking those with Full Tilt Poker money still locked up, which is every former customer in the United States, to fill out a brief survey to help with efforts to put pressure on those with enough political clout to speed up the remission process.

Card Player was told recently that repayment would take at least another year. Former U.S. customers have been without access to their funds since April of 2011, when the site’s then owner Ray Bitar was indicted by the federal government.

Last month, Card Player TV spoke with Poker Players Alliance Executive Director John Pappas regarding the repayment of U.S. player funds and how the new strategy is to speak to lawmakers about the issue, in addition to still contacting the DOJ and the claims administrator.