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London-Based Online Gambling Firm Looking At New Jersey Brick-And-Mortar Options

2UP Gaming Wants To Either Buy Or Build A Casino


The Press of Atlantic City reported that London-based 2UP Gaming PLC is making a push to get involved with brick-and-mortar casino gambling in New Jersey, all in an effort to find a way to be a player in the soon-to-launch online gambling market there.

The firm, which offers online poker, blackjack and other casino style games over the Internet in overseas jurisdictions where the activity is legal, would either build a new casino or buy an existing one.

A firm out of Asian would also invest $330 million into the plan.

A final decision by the firm is expected by Labor Day weekend.

There is no word on which casino might be purchased. Earlier this year, PokerStars’ quest to buy the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel fell through due to licensing concerns. PokerStars instead went the route of partnering with Resorts Casino Hotel in order to gain re-entry into the United States.

Buying an existing casino reportedly is preferable for 2UP Gaming.

New Jersey regulators have yet to act on any plan. The firm would need a casino to offer Internet gambling within the Garden State or perhaps from it if and when the doors are up to interstate deals. Internet gambling is expected to kick off in New Jersey in late November.

Gov. Chris Christie legalized the activity earlier this year.

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