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Billings Votes Against Gambling Facility Proposal

City Council Said No By A Margin Of 10-1


The Billings City Council voted Monday night on whether a small-scale gambling facility could be put into the Rimrock Mini-Mall. The proposal was rejected, according to Billings Gazette. The vote was a whopping 10-1 against the proposed gambling operation.

The council, which makes decision for a population of about 105,000 residents, also voted on a handful of other non-gambling issues at the meeting.

According to the Billings Gazette, council members need to review such proposals before an applicant is allowed to use a state alcohol license to open a gambling facility. The proposed property also stood close to a school, which was another issue that caused officials concern. The community opposed the plan, as well as a school superintendent.

Those in favor of the plan reportedly said that the gambling facility and its alcohol sales would have been low-key, with the primary focus being food options rather than drinking.

Gambling in Montana is restricted to these categories: charitable, pari-mutuel, lottery and Indian. Commercial casinos, like the ones found in Las Vegas, are not authorized.

Some of the casinos that currently exist in the state include Lucky Strike Casino, Nickel Charlies Casino, Silvertip Casino and Restaurant and Treasure Mountain Casino and Restaurant.