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World Series Of Poker Main Event 2A/B: Legendary Gambler Doyle Brunson Accumulates Big Stack, Says 'I Feel Like A Truck Ran Over Me'

10-Time Bracelet Winner Bags 224,000 At End Of Play


He said he wasn’t going to play any tournaments this summer due to his 79 years of age and low energy level, but 10-time World Series of Poker champ Doyle Brunson decided to enter the main event and after his second day of play on Tuesday sat with one of the largest stacks remaining.

A total of 6,352 entered the event, and it’s unclear exactly how many were left as of early Wednesday morning local time in Las Vegas.

Brunson ended the day with 224,000, which puts him well within the top 100 stacks.

The highlight of his day was a pretty standard hand. An opponent with a lot of chips got aggressive with A-K suited only to run into Brunson’s pocket aces. He slowly chipped up after that hand, adding about another 90,000 to his stack.

He Tweeted shortly before play ended: “I feel like a truck ran over me.”

Other big stacks at the end of play included Jason DeWitt (382,900), Steve Gee (300,600), Kenny Tran (299,000), Greg Merson (275,600), David Benefield (261,100) and Anthony Gregg (254,000). Merson and Gee both made the final table last year.

Everyone is trailing Nick Schwarmann, who ended the day with 413,600. Schwarmann, from Longwood, Florida, made a final table earlier this summer.

Notable eliminations on the day included Dan Smith, Jake Balsiger, Cody Slaubaugh, Vicky Coren, Dan Fleyshman, Mike Sowers, Mike Sexton, Barry Greenstein, Terrence Chan, John Henningan, Kristen Bicknell, Faraz Jaka, Ram Vaswani, Amanda Musumeci, Matt Salsberg and Chris Moneymaker, who won the event a decade ago and started the poker boom.

The remaining players from Day 1C will take their seats on Day 2C at noon local time on Wednesday. On Thursday, all the surviving players will be in action at the same time, as Day 3 is usually when things get interesting and it becomes clear who some of the contenders could be. The event is scheduled to run for a total of 10 days.

Everyone is gunning for a first-place prize of about $8.3 million.



9 years ago

congrats doyle!!!

but i never ever ever want to hear poker is a sport ever again! doyle brunson is 79 years old and in bad physical shape. its called a competition. if you play poker your are not an athlete. and dont even get me started on NASCAR!


9 years ago

You're a buffoon eaglestorm. I hate Nascar but if you truelly believe that Nascar is not a sport then you know nothing about sports. Could you ever drive in a car at near 200 miles an hour in a heated environment that can cause you to possibly lose 10 pounds during the course of the race??? Highly doubtful. Think before you make such an ignorant comment!!!!!!!1


9 years ago

hey what happened to my eloquently put post?

to sum it up..nascar is not a sport and neither is chess lololol.

look up the definition its a physical activity! and driving a car at 200 miles an hour is not sport...its easy!