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World Series Of Poker: At Start Of Play, Zero Men Had Paid $10,000 To Enter 'Ladies Event'

Strategy To Keep Men Out Successful As Of Early On Friday


The World Series of Poker’s trick to make it so no men entered the 2013 “Ladies Event” appears to have worked. As of shortly after noon local time in Las Vegas on Friday, there were zero men registered and no indication that any were on their way in.

Earlier this year, the WSOP announced that the marquee event would allow women to enter for $1,000, the typical amount, while men would have to pay $10,000. While men apparently couldn’t be banned outright under Nevada law, the rules said that such a discount was permissible, according to the WSOP.

The event wouldn’t close registration until after level four (around 4:45 p.m. local time) so it was still possible that at least one man could find his way into the tournament. The WSOP declined to comment on the success of the strategy until after it was official.

The WSOP’s decision has generally been applauded by the poker community, as well as recreational female players. However, for pros like Kathy Liebert, one of the most successful poker players ever, seeing men pony up $10,000 to play wouldn’t have been such a bad thing.

“Why not add an extra $9,000 to the prize pool?" Liebert said right before the start of play. “I think most women wouldn’t mind if they bought in for that amount. I am surprised the World Series of Poker can get away with it…but it’s great. It works for me.”

The event was kicked off after short speeches by Susie Isaacs and Allyn Jaffrey Shulman.

Before the end of the first level, the event had welcomed more than 900 women so far.



8 years ago

I think this is ridiculous, and a complete double standard. Could you imagine if the WSOP held a MEN'S only tournament, and men got in for $1,000 but a woman had to pay 10k?

You'd have 10,000 dike haircut flannel shirt wearing estrogen consuming feminists standing outside trying to start a riot...

But it's okay to do for women.. Same as if they held a blacks only poker tourament.. yeah thats great, black power! But a white's only tournament... RACIST! We we have Black entertainment television.. What about White entertainment television, oh, because that's racist.. Just as Paula Deen... LOL


8 years ago

@Joe7: i do understand where you're coming from. i do see your argument is that having women only tournaments that exclude men doesn't seem to be equal nor does it promote equality. however, to say this is to be shortsighted. the oppressed in this case have been oppressed pretty much forever. they are still oppressed. they literally are not treated as equals. therefore, to simply label them as equals and say that it's up to them to act like they're equals is extremely problematic.

until they ARE actually equal, the oppressed need outlets like this. they need the opportunity of empowerment even if short lived otherwise they'll never be able to escape oppression on their own (or at the very least it will be much more difficult for them to do so). so despite that in the short term a women's only event is in fact excluding men, it should be seen as a necessary evil. you can't expect a group of oppressed people to escape their oppression without allowing them to have some sort of power in the first place, and you definitely can't just say 'okay we're all equal now imo so all you oppressed people can just suck it up and act like you're equal now'. it just doesn't work like that. (copied from a previous post)


8 years ago

How do they get away with a srs. tourney? Reality there are 61 mens tournaments since there is only about 6% women entries


8 years ago

this is the wsop and if they are to hand out 60+ titles and one is to go to the ladies to make the ladies have one event that is theres then so be it....bring more ladies into poker is a great one has already said most events see 6% ladies why not give them one event a year on the wsop....60+ events for any one to enjoy and we are crying over is a great boost to poker....that money flows down, like all money in poker....stop hating b/c we guys should not play one event...its sad that we get so worked up about one small buy in event that is trying to push the game we love into the lives of EVERY person,,,, give them one who that makes them feel welcome to the game....


8 years ago

You guys are a bunch of misogynistic A-holes! Why do you care? How many bracelets have women won in open events? It's a way to keep their participation up at the WSOP.